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Solar PV Module Panel Laminator

Author: Date:2015/1/18 22:04:26

Solar modules need to be protected from environment attack by laminating them using special organic compound. The application of vacuum during lamination helps to remove all the air molecules which otherwise trapped inside the module.
Some companies offers solar module laminator with all the required instruments, vacuum hardware to achieve perfect lamination. The laminator comprises of a laminating chamber, which is divided into upper chamber and lower chamber and they are separated by a silicon rubber diaphragm. The silicone diaphragm is a specially developed membrane consisting of a silicone backing material and a unique covering layer. This covering layer is extremely resistant to outgassing and related decomposing processes of EVA films. This makes silicone diaphragm particularly durable and increases the laminator running times. The chambers are provided with respective feedthroughs for taking various connections. Platen is provided in the bottom chamber, and fitted with tubular sheathed heaters to heat the platen. The heating is achieved as per the programme generated and controlled using a microprocessor based temperature programmer controller and SSR power controller in closed loop.
Vacuum pumping system is provided to create the desired level of vacuum. It comprises of a double stage Rotary vacuum pump to evacuate both top and bottom chambers through pneumatically operated isolation valves. Solenoid operated air admittance valves are provided for breaking the vacuum.
Complete Laminating cycle is automated for vacuum heating, using Microprocessor based Programmable logic controller. In HMI a mimic diagram panel to indicate the on going process is provided. Auto system is also provided with manual over ride facility to operate the complete system in manual mode using front panel provided push button switches. The system is provided with all the required safety to protect the system and the operator from malfunction.
Operating temperature for lamination cycle is 150°C with a uniformity of ±2°C.
The laminator is wired to operate on 415 V AC, 50/60 Hz and 3 phase power supply.