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vacuum bags

Author:vacuum bags Date:2016-3-2 9:54:22
Our vacuum bags are used for the de-airing of the assembled between the interlayer and the two sheets of glass in order to produce a high quality laminated glass.

They are generally used for the architectural flat glass and for the automotive industry. We can use the bags in an autoclave or in an oven  horizontally.

We can manufacture any sizes of vacuum bags for drilled, shaped, curved, thick (bullet-proof) glass.

The advantages of the vacuum bag :

We can adapt the bags to all sizes and shapes of glass (flat and curved).
The vacuum bags are resistant to high temperature at continuous heating and cooling cycles
The vacuum bags enable you to use it in autoclave or oven horizontally.
Can be open from one of four sides in order to facilitate removal and insertion. It is quick and easy to use.
We add a special teflon with air canals in order to optimize the process of de-airing.
There is no marking on the glass.
The vacuum bags enable you to save time.
The vacuum bags have a long working life which allow a quick return on investment..
Possible to insert one or several glass simultaneously in the same bag to increase the productivity