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Why use solid surface?

Author:solid-surface-solutions Date:2015-1-29 10:33:49

Manufactured with high performance resin systems solid surface materials are sold under a number of brand names including Corian, Staron, Avonite and LG Hi-Macs - all of these adhering to industry standards and offering a 21st century design solution.

These versatile products can be shaped and sculpted to achieve a unique look in whatever application they are used. Being long lasting, renewable, hygienic they can be machined like wood, sculpted as required and mixed with other natural or man-made materials to allow free rein to the designer. The material can even be back lit so there are many possibilities for dramatic effect. The colour goes right through the product so any scratches, stains, chips can easily be sanded out and the lack of open joints allows for easy and effective cleaning.

As they are inherently hygienic and versatile solid surfaces have traditionally been used for counter tops and wall panels in individually design schemes for kitchens and bathrooms. In a more commercial application they are extensively used for fitting out healthcare and food preparation facilities.

Solid surface is the perfect choice for marine applications where the ability to have invisible joins is a great advantage in those areas where water collects. Added to this the workability of the material you can see how the challenge of fitting out limited spaces can be made a lot easier.

An extensive colour palette means the user does not have to comprise on subtleties in their design schemes and the versatility of the material means you can have it all - your selected finish, colour, detail, with the back up of assured strength, stain resistance and longevity.