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Bubbles Solution for Laminated Class with EVA Film

Author: Date:2018-5-11 11:18:09

Bubbles Solution for Laminated Class with EVA Film

During the production processing of the laminated glass with EVA FILM, bubbles appeared inside the EVA laminated glass is a headache to some producers.

The manufacturer always think like this way:

1. The EVA Film you sent to us last time, don’t have bubbles problem,why this time the bubbles came out, that’s definitely the problem of the quality of the EVA Film.

2. Some customers face this situation. Maybe they don’t use EVA Film very much, so they don’t finish the one roll of EVA FILM in a short period. They used two thirds of the roll of EVA film, and after several weeks, they go back to use the balance of the roll. But this time the bubbles came out, they are very confused. How come the same roll has different quality?

3. Some customer may just change the new EVA FILM supplier and then the bubbles comes out. Even their new supplier told them that it’s all about the production processing , they would not believe it, they would rather think it’s of course the problem of the quality of the EVA film, because my previous supplier don’t have this bubbles problem.

Many EVA Laminated glass producer have misconception of the reasons of the bubbles problems. The following is the solution,

1. First case: the temperature is too high, maybe more than 180 degree, which will cause the compound to break down and create gas. In this way, just reduce the working temperature, and everything would just be fine.

2. Second case: the temperature in the oven is not average, which means some part of the glass, is hotter than others. So some part of the EVA film will melt and finish the crosslink reaction while other parts of EVA Film is still not melted, which will interrupt the vacuuming and cause the bubbles. For this situation, we suggest you use the wind blowing heating machine.

3. Third case: the vacuum machine is old or the vacuum pump ability is not good enough. If the vacuum machine is old, renew it. If the vacuum pump ability is not powerful enough, just try to change a new one.

4. Fourth case: the air moisture is high. Much moisture in the air at the production site changes, which will easily cause the EVA film wet when it expose in the air. Moisture in the EVA FILM would cause the bubbles. Although the EVA FILM is less sensitive to moisture compared with PVB FILM. But if the moisture is too high, the bubbles will also come out.
Some customer open the packaged of one roll, and don’t use it up at one time. And the balanced part of the EVA film roll will absorb the moisture in the air and cause the bubbles after production.

5. Fifth case: Different EVA FILM supplier has different formula for EVA FILM, so if you change the EVA FILM supplier, you need to adjusting the processing parameters according to the supplier’s EVA FILM property.